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 PCF Associated Network

“Support for Vietnam Association of People’s Credit Funds” Project

(Cập nhật ngày: 14/04/2011 - 02:03:18 AM )

Within the frame work of the project, under the support of DID, VAPCF is working on the selection of the tutors in the South for the distance training program and the recruiting of the potential learnersf or this program will begin soon. It is expected that right after the training of the tutors in the North is completed,the VAPCF will organize the first pilot training session for learners in the North in early2011.

It will be the first distance training program to be implemented in PCF network in Vietnam and with a new modern training approach; the leaners will have the opportunity to experience new learning method which is different from the classical classroom training.

 DID Project Office activity

The year 2010 marks 10 years of the runs for good causes in Hanoi, namely the Terry Fox Run and the Run for Children. This humanitarian event was jointly held by the Embassy of Canada, the Vietnam-Canada Friendship Association, the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organisations and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam. It aims at calling upon the community to support Vietnamese poor children who are suffering from cancer and heart disease.


So far, close to 43,000 people have supported and helped raise more than 3 billion dongs for cancer research and to support children with cancer and heart disease over the 10 years.

The Run for Children Hanoi 2010 has taken place on Sunday, November 21, 2010 at its usual location at Thien Quang Lake. DID Project office in Vietnam with other sponsor have attended this event. The amount of 1 billion Vietnam dongs has been raised during this event. It will be used to fund programs for sick children from poor families at the Hanoi Heart Hospital, the National Hospital of Paediatrics and Heart Beat Vietnam.

Marketing – clientele and client services

The following question comes from the Proxfin latest bulletin.

Does your network have a winning client service strategy?

You may be wondering on what criteria you should base your answer.

First of all, you need a solid team, clear and precise rules of conduct, basic values and a rigorous approach. All of this put at the service of your members. It is for them that your institution exists and it is thanks to them that it grows.

In the past, your members naturally came to you because other institutions would not serve them and they found the basic financial services they needed in your network. Because of their disadvantaged status you may have taken it for granted that they were there to stay and that their numbers would always increase.

While you may have been correct in thinking that previously, today it is no longer the case. The competition has finally discovered that they can acquire this clientele and they are employing all the means at their disposal to attract it.

To encourage your members to resist offers made by the competition, you must give them access to quality products and services that meet their needs at the lowest possible cost. At the same time, it is essential that they be treated with the consideration they deserve when they visit the cooperative.

Serving members satisfactorily

How can you be sure that the products you offer satisfy the needs of your members? How can you measure their degree of satisfaction? You must learn more about them and you must consult them.

Begin with surveys and questionnaires targeting both members and the general public, who are potential members. Establish the profile of a typical member including their needs. Then expand this profile to discover other potential market segments. By centralizing data you can identify your clientele and learn more about it.

Nothing is more like a savings and credit institution than another one, whether it is a bank or a cooperative. So what can set them apart? Why are people more attracted to one instead of another?

The answer lies in the service and welcome that members receive, because in general the products are fairly similar from one institution to the next. Members whose needs have not been understood or who are dissatisfied will do what it takes to change institutions, even if they are members of long standing. Consequently, it is important that networks motivate their personnel to adopt a better attitude towards members and meet their needs more satisfactorily.

Offering good products at low cost and quality client service are therefore two essential elements for your marketing department and for the growth of your institution. These qualities also contribute to the emergence of a winning business culture. Organizations that have a winning business culture continue to grow and develop, year after year, and stand out from the competition by attaining their objectives.


DID Project Office Vietnam

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