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 International Relations

Information on Activities of the DID Vietnam Project Office.

(Cập nhật ngày: 31/12/2009 - 05:00:00 PM )
DID-Vietnam Project Office
As we already provided information in the previous bulletin in December 2010, as the Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam agreed to continue implementing the Interconnectivity project, The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of the Central People’s Credit Fund (CCF) and DID have made lots of efforts to complete some work components as mentioned in the Cooperation Agreement between CCF and DID, such as training on information technology, office equipment for the PIU, and some consultancy work. The 2 training courses for the CCF staff was completed in early January 2010 and the next training course in network has been continued. The objectives of this training are to provide knowledge and skills for the staff of the Processing Center and the PIU to implement the virtual private network (VPN) serving for FT and IC transactions. The VPN implementation is expected to begin this month. To implement in parallel with the training components, the PIU is also completing urgently the consultancy work which consist of 3 components: (i) consultancy on technical solution for FT software center; (ii) consultancy on assessment, selection of technical solution for card (IC) software center and (iii) consultancy on preparation of infrastructure, platform for the Processing Center: Virtual private network (VPN), equipment, database, operating system. It is expected to complete the work by the end of January 2010.

In order to follow-up the progress of this project, Mr. Jacques Pelletier and Mr. Martin Gingras from DID-Canada arrived in Hanoi for a short mission from January 11- 22, 2010. The first week of the mission (January 12-15, 2010) they worked with the VAPCF team in order to follow up the progress of the project that DID is supporting to the VAPCF.  From January 18-22, 2010 they started working with CCF team in order to follow-up the Interconnectivity Project. The main objectives under the Interconnectivity Project are as follows:

·         Follow up on FT and IC transactions.
·         Follow up on development strategy: training, setting up of the processing center, operations and technologies used, network and database system; VPN implementation
·         Follow up on pilot deployment strategy
At the same time, Mr. Claude Lapointe from DID-Canada will be in Hanoi from January 19-29, 2010. From January 19-22, 2010, he has been working mainly with VAPCF team and will be with CCF team from January 25-29, 2010. For CCF, the main objective under the Interconnectivity Project is as follows:

·         Analyze and give DID’s recommendation on pricing and implementation strategy for FT and IC transaction
o        Member and non member fee setting
o        PCF fee setting
They have visited and worked with the two prestigious IT training centers in Hanoi, Bach Khoa Information Technology Academy (BKACAD) and Netpro-SaoBacDau Academy. They knew more about the IT training programs, methodology in Vietnam today, qualification and certification such as the international certificates granted and recognized by international organizations such as Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems (USA), etc; domestic certificated granted by the BKACAD, Netpro to certify that the students complete the training courses. They also visited the classrooms and labs at the two training centers and interviewed the Training Directors of the two centers.

A workshop was held at the CCF from January 20-22, 2010. The local consultants presented on the technical solutions proposed for the FT system, the technical solution proposed for card (IC) system for the CCF. The local consultants also completed some relating documents and handed to DID to get their comments, specifically the documents includes business and technical solutions proposed for FT system, for IC system, proposed security system, networking system, infrastructure for the Processing Center and the tentative implementation schedules. After this workshop, DID experts were also invited to visit the new CCF headquarters and the location planned for the Processing Center.
We will continue to update information on the results of the short missions in the next VAPCF bulletins.

“Support for the Vietnam Association of People’s Credit Funds” Project
DID-Vietnam Project Office
As it has been mentioned in the previous bulletins, the SBV Deputy Governor has been confirmed for the Project’s Approval. This project is composed of 2 following major components:
·         Support for the Deployment of the BMS-PCF Solution
·         Human Resource Development Support:
       + Transfer of a distance learning program;        
       + An awareness-raising internship within apex organizations of two emerging foreign financial cooperative networks in Russia and Lithuania.
Relate to the component -  Support for the Deployment of the BMS-PCF Solution, the technical experts of the DID, Mr. Jacques Pelletier and Mr. Martin Gingras had the mission in Vietnam from January 12th  to  22nd January 2010. The main purpose of this mission are as follow:
·         Follow up on BMS-PCF.net: see adjustments made, visit pilot PCFs and branches.
·         Follow up on support: Setting up of support facilities at VAPCF and also request information of the problems IT team has to support
·         Follow up on BMS-PCF.net deployment strategy: documentation and deployment tools, schedule and methodology of deployment.
During this period, Mr. Jacques Pelletier and Mr. Martin Gingras have visited the VAPCF and  worked with leaders and IT staffs of the VAPCF – IT Cie from  January 12th to 18th  January 2010. For this occasion,  the technical experts of the DID has had the opportunity to learn about the new version BMS-PCF.Net software which has been developed by the VAPCF – IT Cie. On over all, Mr. Martin Gingras – with the 10 years experience on the software development has given his comments that the BMS_PCF.Net software was developed based on modern programming languages and, the code of the software was programmed very well and suitable with the applicant environment in Vietnam. 

Also, with the representative of VAPCF, Mr. Jacques Pelletier and Mr. Martin Gingras have visited the PCFs, including  Quang Trung PCF, Phung Xa PCF in Hanoi and Duu Lau PCF in Phu Tho province. During his visit at the PCFs, Mr. Jacques Pelletier and Mr. Martin Gingras have learned about the status of the BMS-PCF.Net  at these PCFs, and acknowledge about the difficulties during the implementation; problems that the PCFs have experienced during the operation of the  BMS-PCF.Net. In general, the leaders and operation staffs at the visited PCFs have given their positive comments on the reviews of BMS-PCF.Net as this software is modern software which was developed in high technology base, user  friendly, bringing the added value to the  users  and it has been designed to meets all the  requirements of the operation of the PCF and the requirements of the SBV. Knowing that every software newly implemented has to be adjusted, the VAPCF-IT Cie will continue to modify and enhance the BMS-PCF.Net with the assistance from technical experts of DID before staring the further deployment within the PCF network.
On January 15th  2010, the VAPCF-IT Cie  has also presented  the implementation strategy of the BMS-PCF.Net for 250 PCFs for 2010 . Within the framework of the strategy, the  PCF will receive the centralized training on the operation and have the opportunity to test & practice the software before the IT staff starting the on-site implementation of the BMS-PCF.Net. Afterward, the PCFs will continue to receive the support from the IT  staff during the operation and maintenance of software in the future.

The mission resume meeting was hold on January 18th 2010, Mr. Jacques Pelletier and Mr. Martin Gingras and DID experts have discussed with the leaders of the VAPCF and the  VAPCF- IT Cie  on the existing issues of the BMS_PCF.Net as well as the suggested solution.  The Leader of the VAPCF and the  VAPCF- IT Cie  have  learned that it is very important to enhance the BMS-PCF.Net with all  the basic requirements in the operation of the PCF. Consequently, for the next implementations. The VAPCF-IT cie will concentrate more efforts on data validation during  the migration process because some errors occur during this operation. In addition, the key element of the successful implementation is that the PCF staffs who operate the system will receive the full training set and gain the knowledge on how to use it on a daily basis

The Leader of the VAPCF has shown the appreciation on the contributions of DID experts during this mission, The VAPCF has  express their agreement with the comments and suggestion given by the DID experts. And VAPCF will adjust the  implementation  approach in accordance with the actual situation of the PCF and bases on the solution given.  Through the project "Support for the VAPCF" DID has committed to continue to support the VAPCF on the development process, software upgrades, and the deployment of the
BMS-PCF.Net in future.

Furthermore, Mr. Claude Lapointe – DID Senior Advisor in Financial Management has come to Vietnam with DID mission for “Support for the VAPCF project” and “Rural-Urban Interconnectivity to help fight poverty“ project from January 18th to January 31st 2010. Regarding the “Support for the VAPCF” project, from January 19th to January 22nd 2010, Mr. Lapointe has come and worked with the leaders of the VAPCF and the VAPCF-IT Cie to discuss on the pricing strategy of the BMS-PCF.Net, with the main goals are as follow:

·        Evaluation of BMS-PCF.Net production costs:
·        Review and recommendation of price setting and implementation strategy for VAPCF on BMS-PCF.net software.
With the suggestions from DID’s experts and lessons learned in the previous implementations, the VAPCF and VAPCF IT-cie,  have the key in hand in order to provide a user friendly and competitive software which brings added value to the users and respond to their requirements.


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