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 International Relations

Information on Activities of the DID Vietnam Project Office in June

(Cập nhật ngày: 13/06/2010 - 05:00:00 PM )
Rural-Urban Interconnectivity to Help Fight Poverty Project

In the framework of the Interconnectivity Project, DID organized the 2nd management meeting on June 9, 2010. To attend the meeting were Mr. Nguyễn Quốc Cường, Deputy General Director and Mrs. Vu Thanh Hang, Deputy Manager of International Cooperation and Project Management Department, representatives of Central People’s Credit Fund (CCF), Mr. Bui Chinh Hung, Deputy General Secretary and Director of VAPCF-IT company, representative of the Vietnam Association of People’s Credit Fund (VAPCF), Mr. Jean-Marc Crevier, DID Program Director and Ms. France Hamel - DID Operations Advisor, representatives of DID and Mr. Le Bich, representative of ATI- DID’s subcontractor. During the meeting, the parties discussed the master plan of Phase 1 of the Interconnectivity Project. The representative of VAPCF informed that the VAPCF-IT Company has stopped its relationship with BMS-PCF.Net provider and the VAPCF-IT Company has decided to stop deploying this software to the PCFs.

In that circumstance, DID came to the conclusion that also it is better to suspend the development of a direct link between DID – FT module and BMS-PCF.Net software until the time when a banking system will emerge as the prevailing solution for the PCF network. From now to that moment, DID will help participating PCF to build their own extraction tool that will provide information to balance local accounting posting and to measure transaction volume and statistical metrics.

Therefore, the Interconnectivity Project will be available to any PCF using BMS-PCF.Net or not as long as they comply to technological infrastructure requisites to connect to CCF IT center and comply to financial criteria    However, DID will continue to support VAPCF in the establishment of an efficient IT center dedicated to support IT systems at PCF level.

Regarding the DID-Vietnam Project Office, Mrs. France Hamel has successfully accomplished her 2-year working mission in Vietnam. During her stay in Vietnam, she has made many positive contributions in promoting the partnership between DID and local and international organizations in Vietnam. She has been dedicated to look for assistance projects for the PCF network in Vietnam. Currently, she returned to Canada to continue working at

Desjardins Group (the Apex organization of Caisses Desjardins and DID is component of the Group). To maintain DID’s regular supports in Vietnam, DID has appointed its technical staff in short-term missions. Under the plan, Mr. Jacques Pelletier works at DID-Vietnam Office in June and July 2010, after that Mr. Martin Gingras will work at DID- Vietnam office in August 2010.

Mr.  Jacques Pelletier has arrived in Vietnam on June 14, 2010.  His task is to monitor the  activities of the project, pecifically the progress of  reparing infrastructure, equipment for CCF Processing Center, preparing for the implementation of fund transfer transaction systeand Interconnectivity transaction system which have been coordinated by CCF. He had spent some  time to visit CCF Head Office and the Processing Center. The Processing Center is fully equipped, ready for VPN network, fund transfer and interconnectivity transaction systems.

Mr. Jacques Pelletier attended and gave speeches at the opening ceremonies of the two training courses on fund transfer transaction system. The training courses were organized by CCF.

The first training course was held in Hanoi at La Thanh Hotel from June 16-20, 2010. Attending the training course were 97 staff from CCF headquarters and 14 branches in the north (from Quang Binh northwards) and 2 pilot PCFs namely Phung Xa PCF (My Duc district) and Quang Trung PCF (both PCFs are in Hanoi).

The 2nd training course in Ho Chi Minh City was held at Tao Dan Hotel, on June 28 to July 2, 2010. Attending this training were staff from CCF headquarters and 11 branches in the south and 6 pilot PCFs, which are PCF Hiep Binh,         
PCF Tan Quy Dong (Ho Chi Minh City), PCF B'lao and PCF Lien Nghia (Lam Dong) and PCF My Binh and PCF My Hoa (An Giang).

The contents of training include:
·        Introduction of electronic fund transfer system - FT.
·        Fund transfer business process for CCF branches and for PCFs
·        Introduction and guidelines on fund transfer service fees
·        Operational procedures and installation of security system
·        Fund transfer program operation process
·        Instructions on system installation and administration at CCF branches and at PCFs
·        End-course Exam.

According to the project plan, after completing the two training courses on fund transfer system, the first proposed transactions will be conducted in mid-summer 2010.

Regarding the interconnectivity transaction system, CCF will start receiving training on the transaction system and switching system provided by Opus since mid July 2010 to early August 2010. It is expected that the first IC transaction will be launched early this fall 2010.

Project “Support to VAPCF”
      On June 24th , 2010, the Governor of State Bank of Vietnam has officially signed on the decision on the approval of the project “Support to Vietnam Association of People Credit Funds”, funding by Developpement International Desjardins (DID). In this decision, the Governor has instructed the implementation of the project : The establishment of the project unit  within 15 days since the signed date of the Decision. The project unit will include the representative of the related parties. The project unit has the responsibility to implement the project according to the document  and must comply with the current legislation and prepare process’s reporting on the project as required by the SBV.

Within June 07th  to 10th , 2010, Mr. Jean Marc Crevier – DID Program Director  had a short mission in Vietnam to supervise the progress and outcome of the DID’ projects in Vietnam. During his mission, on June 08th  2010, Mr. Jean Marc  met the leaders of the VAPCF and the VAPCF IT. Co to discuss on the related issues related to the “Support to VAPCF” project which is implemented by DID and VAPCF.

As we have mentioned on the article “Interconnectivity Project”, Mr. Jacques Pelletier, senior DID’ expert has come to Vietnam from June 15th  2010 to July 08th  2010 to support   work in progress of the Interconnectivity project and Support to VAPCF project. During his mission in Vietnam, Mr. Jacques Pelletier has met the leaders of VAPCF and has discussed closely with the leader of  VAPCF IT Co.  about the changes on the company’s development strategy for the future. Mr. Jacques Pelletier has shared his opinion and comments on the working plan of the VAPCF IT Co. And,  Mr. Hung – the director of VAPCF IT Co. has demonstrated his appreciation for the suggestion received and hopes this will contribute for a successful achievement.


During the period from May 28th 2010 to June 03rd 2010, within the framework of Proxfin, the VAPCF’s delegation included the leader of selected PCFs and VAPCF have had the internship in Russia  with DID’s financing and support. During the visit in Russia, the VAPCF’s delegation has received the warm welcome from the Russian Union and especially, the support from Mr. Jean Marc Crevier – DID Program director who was also in Russia for his mission during this time. The VAPCF’s delegation has given the positive feedback after the internship finished.  As this trip has given them the opportunity to gain more knowledge and share the experience with other cooperative model’s institution - the Russian Union and the Lithuanian’s Credit Centre.

In 2010, the VAPCF has continued to subscribe to the membership of Proxfin network. The 2010 General Annual Meeting of Proxfin is expected to be held on October 5th  and 6th  2010 in Quebec, Canada. The institution member will have the opportunity to join the international seminar with the theme of “Is microfinance  effective in providing food security?” and also to participate on the gala to celebrate the 40th  anniversary of  DID on October 7th  2010

      DID  Project Office
   In    Lưu    Gửi tiếp  

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